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    It’s never too soon to start preparing for college. When you make a plan for post-secondary education, the plan should include a team of your support systems like; parents or guardians and educational professionals to help navigate the sometimes daunting process. Let Cal-SOAP play a part on your team by helping you find available resources and answering questions that will allow you to map the best route towards your educational success!

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    for College

    Funding your post-secondary experience can be confusing. From Financial Aid, various deadlines, applications and finding funding sources, let Cal-SOAP help you sort through the eligibility process and get you on track.

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    Cal-SOAP Tutors strive to serve as mentors and resources for students regarding preparing for college and to give insight on college life.

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Cal-SOAP Site Coordinators

Site Coordinators with Cal-SOAP serve as supervisors who assist students bound for post-secondary education, while earning a stipend for their participation. Access Forms


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Making College a Reality

The Santa Barbara Cal-SOAP is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of college education opportunities for low-income, first-generation and/or underrepresented junior high and senior high students in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria. Cal-SOAP is committed to advising, informing and exposing students and their parents to college opportunities, scholarships and resources to help them succeed.